International Motivational Weekend

An IMW is a three-day event designed to strengthen the connection between participants from different LCs, which usually takes place after longer events such as Workshops or Operational events. In addition to promote the participants to get to know each other, this meeting seeks to encourage and motivate EESTEC members, providing them with special moments to create unique memories. During the IMW, participants also have the amazing opportunity to familiarize themselves with the association's characteristic traditions, thanks to the guidance and experience of senior members.

For years, MESA has been hosting this type of event in which the participants had the opportunity to discover Lake Como. In the most recent three editions — Dream Before Christmas, S.T.E.V.E J.O.B.S IMW, and Journey Through Time: A Timeless IMW — the participants could get to know better the people who make up MESA (specially how we party here) and immerse themselves in the Italian culture, while they had their time of their lives, trying aperitivo and hiking around Lago di Como.

Stay tuned for next March, where our Design Sprint event will take place... At the return of Christmas MESA will announce a great gift, and if you are looking for clues, just tell you to book a weekend to enjoy the beautiful Italy and sing at the top of your lungs Sarà perché ti amo.