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14 results

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    Edoardo Barbero

    About Me: I am an LSE grad, who got a job offer beginning in March

    Wants: 1000

    Moving: 1st of March

    Location: Near liverpool street station or around that area

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    Alice Scacchi

    About Me: I’m an economic and business student from Rome and I’m attending the last year of my bachelor’s degree. Im about to start an internship on summer in London

    Wants: I’m looking for an apartment in London (Mayfair or surrounding areas)

    Moving: I’m planning to stay from the 30th of June to the 1st of August

    Location: Mayfair

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    Alice Barberi

    About Me: i'm 22, I'm from Milan. I studied Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano.

    Wants: looking for a flat or a room for the month of April

    Moving: april

    Location: archway

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    sebastiano barbato

    About Me: Sono Sebastiano , ho 22 anni e sono italiano (Napoli) , vorrei venire a Lo fra per migliorare il mio inglese

    Wants: cerco una stanza a Mile end , prezzo sui 600 sterline massimo

    Moving: gennaio

    Location: mile end

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    maria chiara misiani

    About Me: I am a master's degree student at the Double Degree LUISS-King's College in Policies and Governance in Europe. I am from Bergamo, but I moved to Rome for the last 4 years.

    Wants: I am mostly looking for a room, but if there are any flats or apartments, I know there would be other students looking for it. I should move to London from September until June. My maximum budget would be 300£ per week.

    Moving: September 2024

    Location: near to King's College Strand Campus

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    Gabriele Lanzafame

    About Me:

    Wants: Cerco casa/stanza. Contattami su instagram se interessato, grazie.

    Moving: Dal 13 gennaio 2024

    Location: Londra

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    Marco Molinari

    About Me: I’m a Data Science student @LSE, I mainly work on AI. I’m moving in either alone or with a fellow LSE student and maybe an Amazon engineer

    Wants: Either an apartment for 1 at 1.5k/month, or 2 people at 3k/month or 3 people at 5k/month

    Moving: Sep 2024

    Location: Holborn/Soho/Covent Garden/Fitzrovia/Bloomsbury

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    Mariano Carrella

    About Me: Student of politics at LSE from Naples, very funny when I’m funny

    Wants: London Oxford street 1200 pound, happy to hate with more roommates

    Moving: September-June

    Location: Oxford street, lse campus, available also further

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    Giulia Cantuseno

    About Me: I am from Milan, I will do an exchange program next year for the second semester in London. Currently I study biem in bocconi

    Wants: I would like to rent a house from January to the end of April of 2025

    Moving: Next January

    Location: South Kensington /chelsea

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    Lorenzo Peri

    About Me: Ciao! Sono uno studente di dottorato a Cambridge, e verso Agosto mi trasferisco a Londra per svolgere l’ultimo anno del PhD in un laboratorio di Quantum Compuding nella zona di Caledonian Road. Sono un ragazzo gioviale e mi adoro cucinare (anche per flat mates!). Bonus point: lettura dei tarocchi.

    Wants: Una camera nella zona di Islington oppure connessa con la Picadilly line

    Moving: Mid August

    Location: Caledonian Road/Islington

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    Anna Gabriela Furnari

    About Me: first-year student at King’s College London

    Wants: I am looking for a room from september to december 2024

    Moving: september 2024

    Location: westminster - south kensington - south bank

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    Andrea Fugazzaro

    About Me: MSc Law and Finance graduate

    Wants: 1 bd or studio near LSE price around < 1.500€

    Moving: 20 July ~ 17 August

    Location: Zone 1/Near LSE

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    Giacomo Raimondo

    About Me: 2nd Year Undergraduate student at Bocconi University

    Wants: Looking for a flat/room in London, flexible price range

    Moving: mid june - end of july

    Location: London

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    Lucrezia Asdente