Pricing and fees

Our pricing is simple. Gomry is 100% free to use for organizations.

  • Unlimited contacts

  • Unlimited events

  • Unlimited tickets

  • Unlimited forms

  • Unlimited emails

  • Unlimited admins


You can sell tickets and accept payments on Gomry. When we process a payment, we automatically add a small 3.9% + 0.99 fee to the end user. However, you can absorb it and show a clean price to your members.

We handle EUR, USD, CHF, and GBP transactions.

Example: You sell an event ticket for $50. The final cost for the user will be $50 + 3.9% + $0.99 = $52.94. You will receive $50.

You can also decide to absorb it. In this case, the user would pay $50, and you would get $50 - 3.9% - $0.99 = $47.06.

If you need a custom quote that could better fit your business model, please contact us at