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Passion in Action

Thursday, February 22

6:15 PM - 8:15 PM CET



About the event

Passion in Action (PiA) is a series of extracurricular lectures held in Politecnico di Milano for the university's students.

E-Club's PiA is aimed at giving students a possibility to learn about the startup world from professors and professionals alike so that one day they can be successful entrepreneurs.

We believe that bringing together the worlds of Entrepreneurship and Engineering is one of the best ways to bring forth a more innovative and exciting future.

This year we’re organizing two PiA courses. One on The Lean Startup Method and the other, in collaboration with Starting Finance Polimi, on the financing side of the startup world.

The first course will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays whereas the second one will be held on Wednesdays.


22 February | Introduction and Problem Framing 

27 February | Product Market Fit and MVP 

29 February | Co-Founder Matching 

5 March | Business model 

7 March | Business plan

12 March | Marketing e Data analysis 

14 March | Financing Strategies 

19 March | Legal aspects 

21 March | Meet a startup

26 March | How to deliver a perfect pitch