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Argo & AirLab Polimi Robotics Master Thesis

Full description of the Master Thesis available here:

Are you looking for a challenging and hands-on Master Thesis in the world of robotics? Do you want to solve concrete problems and make the difference in a Startup-like environment?

Argo may be your next challenge!

Argo is a smart companion robot for families. A robot for home security, companionship and entertainment. Not just a toy, but an AI driven robot equipped with sophisticated sensors and advanced technology.

Starting from September 2023, Argo and AirLab Polimi will join the forces to build the next generation domestic robot. The student will be supervised by PhD fellows from AirLab while interacting with the Argo Team to implement and test the algorithms on a real robot.

We propose the following Robotics Master Thesis: Person following based on monocular camera.

Please, make reference to the link above for a complete description.

The ideal match should be someone keen of Robotics and AI with experience with ROS and autonomous navigation pipelines. Someone ambitious enough to believe we can make “having a companion robot” the new normal!