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Become a Guest Contributor to our Blog - Undoing the Ivory Tower

Thank you for your interest in submitting your article proposal as a Guest Contributor for "Undoing the Ivory Tower", a newsletter published by The Good Scientists. We would love to feature your thoughts!

"Undoing the Ivory Tower" aims to provide a space for scientists and nonscientists to think critically about the current state of global scientific research and how it may be improved to better serve the needs of society and societal actors (ie: NGOs, non-profits, civil society organizations).

To serve this purpose, we want to feature:

1. Stories from the world 🌎 about science and society working together to drive positive change. These may include citizen science projects, collaborations between research institutions and societal actors, and knowledge and technology networks in the third sector.

2. Opinion pieces πŸ”Ž on science policy and science ethics, on the opportunities and pitfalls of global scientific cooperation, on societal perception of science and related topics at the crossroads of research and society.

3. Interviews πŸ’¬ with scientists and various societal actors sharing their personal experience in scientific cooperation projects.

Rather than being another channel of scientific communication, we want to feature stories, opinions and interviews that explore the interplay between scientific practice and society; how can one shape the other, and vice-versa, to drive meaningful and lasting social change?

You can read our newsletter launch here, and our first article here.

Submit your article proposal using this form. Our editorial team will review it and contact you within a few days. If selected for publication, you will be asked to submit a completed article draft (800-1000 words) within a 2-week deadline. Authorship will be acknowledged. Please fill this form separately for every article idea you might want to submit.

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~ TGS Editorial Team

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