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Financial aid - Silicon Valley Fellowship 1-5 September 2024

The Silicon Valley Fellowship - your highway to Silicon Valley

Through the Next Gen Fund by Gomry, we're empowering the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Offering financial support that ranges from partial coverage to full funding for courses, flights, and accommodation (possibly at the Gomry House). Every application is unique, and we'll assess each on its individual merit and need until all spots are filled and the budget is exhausted.

For more information about fundraising, here is a talk with Olivia, followed by her testimony on how she raised funds to participate in the Silicon Valley Fellowship February 2024 batch: Let's talk fundraising: Olivia's experience raising money to go to Silicon Valley.

Here you can also find additional material regarding the fundraising: fundraising

Please note that the selection process is highly competitive and evidence of exceptional achievements is a prerequisite.

It's recommended to apply as soon as possible to the Next Gen Fund, as there are many applications and it takes a while to evaluate all of them.