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Fuga di Talenti: Esperienze e Sfide degli Studenti Italiani nel Regno Unito - UIS Research Centre

Fuga dei cervelli” (“brain drain”), is a common Italian expression to describe the emigration of highly educated and skilled people who leave their own country to live and work in another with more favourable opportunities. Over the last ten years, many Italian students have moved to the UK to pursue higher education, resulting in significant cultural and socioeconomic consequences for Italy. However, when moving abroad, students face unique situations and are more susceptible to various stressors or challenges which can have a big impact on their well-being. Current events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, have recently shaken the political climate, exacerbating existing issues. Thus, many Italian students abroad are struggling and might consider returning home. This qualitative project aims to explore the experiences of Italian university students in the UK to understand the facilitators and barriers to a good student experience and inform how to provide support.

PhD Supervisor: Aglaia Freccero

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