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Fullstack Developer - Remote

PickEat is the mobile ordering platform specifically designed for large venues and live events.Spectators can enjoy a simple and fast ordering experience directly at the food outlets, while the venuesthrive with efficient contactless service, increased revenue and new marketing opportunities.

We are looking for a Fullstack Developer:

Job Description

Join our fully remote development team at PickEat! We're seeking a software engineer to help shape our company's future.

In this role, you will:

  • Develop Innovative Applications: Utilise your expertise in Flutter or Golang to contribute to cutting-edge applications and systems that drive PickEat's growth.

  • Foster Team Collaboration: Work closely with our remote team, using digital tools to ensure seamless integration of your work and create a dynamic, connected work environment.

  • Manage Code Efficiently: Effectively use Git to track and organise code changes, maintaining an efficient development process even in a fully remote work setting.

  • Embrace the Co-Founder Mindset: We're not just looking for an employee. We need someone with the energy, motivation, and enthusiasm to drive PickEat's success by actively increasing the company's value and supporting its economic sustainability.

What We Offer

At PickEat, we provide:

  • Fully Remote Work: Enjoy the flexibility of remote work, allowing you to work from your preferred location while staying connected and collaborative.

  • Ownership: Immediate opportunity to acquire company shares, aligning your interests with PickEat's long-term success.

  • Work for Equity Plan: Earn equity for your contributions, becoming a co-founder in our shared success story.

  • Innovative Culture: Join a dynamic, innovative culture where your contributions have a meaningful impact on the company's growth.

  • Professional Development: Grow your career in a dynamic industry with opportunities for learning and development. We are committed to your growth and will provide you with access to courses and resources to enhance your skills and knowledge, ensuring that you have the tools you need to succeed.