Get sponsors for your event

With our Gomry Ads' Sponsorship Fund, we will invest an estimated $1,000,000 of marketing budget in 2024 into relevant events and communities for our network of sponsors.

We secure significant advertising deals with sponsors and then assist them in allocating their sponsorship budget to relevant communities and events. This approach is designed to help them achieve their objectives, such as expanding their reach, enhancing brand awareness, positioning their brand, and reaching their target audience.

If you are organizing an event and searching for sponsors, please fill out this form. If we find a campaign that fits, we will consider purchasing a sponsorship from you.

Area served by the Sponsorship Fund: USA and Western European Region.

Main event categories we invest in: Finance, Business, Consulting, Technology, Sport.

Average deal size: $1,000-10,000

Please note that currently, we are NOT equipped to evaluate sponsorship opportunities outside of Gomry. Before applying for sponsorships, please register your organization and event on Gomry.

* All applications containing event registration pages external to Gomry will be automatically rejected. *

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