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House OFFERING - list sublets and rooms with United Italian Societies

This is an invite-only directory of people you probably know that are offering housing in Paris!

United Italian Societies (UIS) - France is a student-led network that aims to support, promote and represents Italian university students in France. We have launched the project this year and we are excited we can already offer this service to the Italian student community in Paris!

To get in touch you can follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn or email us at

If you need to edit the info you have submitted via this form, you can do so by clicking "Profile Setting" in the top-left corner and scroll down to the "United Italian Societies (UIS)" section. There you will see the inputs you have inserted and edit them. Make sure you save the edits once you are done.

While you waiting for someone to respond to your post, you can try to see if there is anyone that is seeking a house via this link:

Please bear that the service is provided for free and that we are constantly trying to improve based on the feedback we received.

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