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Human Resources & Community Officer - Join our team

The Good Scientists is a volunteer-based platform for scientists to engage with the Third Sector (NGOs, non-profits, and civil society organisations). Our goal is to make science accessible and actionable for social impact.

We are an organisation run by passionate volunteers that want to create opportunities for scientists to create social and environmental impact.

We are seeking a motivated HR manager to help us manage the onboarding of new motivated volunteers, help organise the application and interview process, and help us build a socially-engaged global virtual community of volunteers. Ideally, you would help organise virtual social activities to keep us close together and help us know each other better. We are looking for a person with passion for the TGS mission, creative and with social skills!


👌 Manage the recruiting process and interviews.

👌 Manage the onboarding process of volunteers.

👌 Create opportunities for teambuilding and manage conflicts in the association.

Preferred skills:

✔️ Passion for our mission

✔️ No experience needed, but Dutch language is preferred.

We offer

💟 You will work in a global team of volunteers based across Europe and North America.

💟 You will set your own Individual Development Plan of self-growth targets and skills you want to acquire.

💟 Work at your own pace and set milestones in accordance with the leadership.

🌈 We value diversity, our team members are spread across the 4 corners of the Globe: west to east from California to Thailand, and north to south from The Netherlands to Senegal.

🕰️ We work flexibly and remotely. There are no minimum time requirements to join: you will have the chance to set your timeline and adjust to the working style that works best for you. We have bi-weekly meetings to share milestones.

📖 Additionally to fulfilling our motivation to translate science into social impact we grow our expertise through mutual learning, expanding professional networks, attending training and developing transferable skills for our future careers.

This is a volunteering unpaid position.

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