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NLP for domestic robotics

Full description of the project available here: Are you a student or new-grad looking for a side-project to work on during this summer? Are you a nerd keen of robotics and AI just like us? Argo may be your next challenge! Argo is a smart companion robot for families. A robot for home security and entertainment. Such a robot needs to be able to speak and interact with humans flawlessly. So, these are the features we need to implement together on Argo: 1) Talk (text2speech) 2) Listen, understand and answer (speech2text + conversational AI) 3) Understand pre-defined commands (intent classification and slot filling) It is possible to use existing solutions (Whisper, Alexa, chat GPT, .. ) or develop your own idea… it’s up to you! The ideal match should be someone keen of AI and Machine Learning with experience in NLP or software integration. Someone ambitious enough to believe we can make “having a companion robot” the new normal!
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