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The Good Scientists is a volunteer-run platform where scientists can engage in social impact projects. We make this possible by creating a dynamic online community where scientists and experts can interact with NGOs, non-profits and civil society organisations, and mission-driven stakeholders on a single platform.

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On our Community Forum, we bring together scientists and NGOs to allow them to connect and interact on real-world problems.

Our Community Forum contains a Social Impact Project Marketplace: NGOs and societal stakeholders can post projects, ideas and needs, where they would like to receive the input of scientists for free.

Scientists on our platform are researchers from any career stage and education field: ranging from Master Student to Professor, and from Regenerative Agriculture to Medicine and Biotechnologies. What these scientists have in common, is the motivation to create social and environmental impact with their research and to start an inclusive and helpful dialogue with social impact stakeholders.

We hope to kick off a valuable conversation between academic researchers and volunteering impact-driven associations to provide free support and transfer valuable and helpful knowledge and, eventually, foster global scientific cooperation.

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