Entrepreneurship Club Polimi

Have you ever dreamt of founding your own startup?

Have you always been fascinated by technology and innovation but never found the right friends to share the passion with?

Have you ever thought university is focusing too much on theory and hard skills, and not enough on what's going on in the real world?

Then join us!

Entrepreneurship Club Polimi is the first Politecnico's student association to support and create a community of future entrepreneurs.

The mission of our association can be summed up in a simple motto: LEARN, NETWORK, BUILD!

We have two types of membership:

  • Drivers: members who take on the full experience by actively taking part in the organization of events and the association’s life. They participate in exclusive events and build up both their soft skills and hard skills.

  • Explorers: members who become part of our network, get opportunities from our partners but only participate in events and don’t contribute actively

Choose the form below according to the role that would best suit you!

E-Club Polimi's Explorer Application cover
E-Club Polimi's Explorer Application

Entrepreneurship Club Polimi