Get selected attendees, sponsors and a ticketing platform for your events.
All in one place.

Sell tickets, manage attendees, and find top-tier sponsors — all while tapping into our network of 20,000+ event attendees, 500+ STEM professionals and student communities, and tens of leading sponsors in the industry.

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The all-in-one operating system in sync with your forms.

Create forms

Whether you need to receive job applications, conduct surveys, or organize events, Gomry ensures you're equipped. Generate unlimited forms, personalize them with covers, titles, descriptions, and endless custom questions.

Send emails

Send countless email campaigns to your contacts, whether for announcing a new product launch or sending event reminders.

Comprehensive Contact History

Possibly a past event attendee or a job applicant at your organization - with Gomry, you can see the complete history of the relationship with each contact.

Event Management

Create a form, send automatic confirmation emails, screen participants, send event details via calendar invites, collect payments for paid events, and share the participant list - all smoothly managed.

Subscription Management

Whether it's for a premium membership program, recurring products or annual recurring donations, we've got it all in control. Easily monitor active subscriptions, generate them, and forget about writing numerous small invoices. You can set triggers for any action when clients cancel - from removing them from Slack to sending an email - the possibilities are limitless.

Board Creation

Be it a job board, an event board with all upcoming events, or an opportunity board for your members, you can create these effortlessly with Gomry. Also, featuring forms from other organizations is made simple.

Application Reviews

For job applications, events, or mentorship programs, get an overview of all your applications, leave comments for discussion with colleagues, and accept or reject them in one click, initiating other actions like email dispatch.

Payment Collection

Accept payments via card and other methods in over 135 countries. With Gomry, you're equipped to receive payments within minutes, without any technical expertise needed.

Say goodbye to bureaucracy

No more manual creation of invoices for your customers, especially for small events and subscriptions. As your merchant of record, we handle all invoicing complexities for you. For instance, host an event with 500 participants without worrying about 500 invoices. We take care of that on your behalf, and you simply send us a single invoice, and we handle the rest.

Contact Management and Custom Fields

Manage and categorize your contacts into lists and tags, and create custom fields. For example, if you have custom ID numbers or special notes associated with your members, you can effortlessly incorporate this with Gomry.

Enhanced Engagement with Social Proof

Gomry aids your growth by enabling you to show a custom list of people on your forms, fostering a sense of social proof for your organization and encouraging form completion.

No-code integrations with 5000+ Apps

Connect Gomry with Google Sheets, Notion, Zapier, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, WhatsApp Business, and thousands of other apps via webhook and no-code tools like Zapier or Pipedream. For instance, if you wish to add people filling out a form to your MailChimp newsletter, Gomry makes it a breeze.

Click below to create your team's forms on Gomry. We will guide you through the set-up process, ensuring a smooth and successful integration with your existing tools.

Create your form

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